Ceramic & Glass Detail

Amanda works on a wide variety of ceramic and glass objects. Some customers bring objects that have a high sentimental value, a wedding present, an object passed down through the family, a memento from travels. On occasions a customer has had a tear in their eye as they recount how an accident has happened to a much loved object. Other objects may come from a dealer, collector or museum and have a high monetary or historic value. All objects are treated with the same care and attention.

Much work involves the removal of previous restoration, which has become discoloured or unstable. In most cases it is possible to remove these by choosing from a range of cleaning techniques.

With patience, an object that has been broken into many fragments can be reassembled. Missing areas can be fabricated and retouched to match existing surface decoration and glazes. Even the translucency of high fired porcelain can be matched.

Sometimes a figure has a missing limb. This can be modelled up so the object can be enjoyed again. Research may be required to ensure that the repair is true to the original.